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Alive-in/ is an award-winning network of grassroots journalists supported by readers, donors, volunteers, partner agencies, and grant-making organizations. Since 2021 our stories have been read by more than 4 million readers in Afghanistan and all over the world. Your support is essential to keep our work going.

To offer insight into how your support contributes to Alive-in/, our Managing Editor, Mohammad Jawad Aliza has written the following letter about our Alive-in/Afghanistan. 

Dear Readers,

Alive-in/Afghanistan (AiA) was launched the day Afghanistan fell to the Taliban. It was a way for our brave team of reporters to get news out of the country while media and news agencies scrambled to evacuate. 

Just over two years later we have published more than 260 unique stories from 33 of the 34 Afghan provinces, distributing these articles in four different languages including Dari, Pashto, Uzbeki, and English. 

Our stories have made an impact, building a readership the world over, including over 90% of Afghans on Facebook, more than 40% of the 9 million Afghans with access to the internet. 

This is the result of the hard work of more than 30 freelance and full time reporters, editors and translators from across the country, a majority of whom are women. Their accomplishments are all the more impressive considering the often remote, complex and high-risk environments in which they live and operate. 

My vision as managing editor is to build understanding between Afghans and between Afghans and the world, and part of what motivates me is personal. When I was a kid, I remember my mother or sisters scaring me and my younger siblings to, “Go to sleep or Awghu (Awghan or Afghan in our region meaning a Pashtun) will come.” When my family migrated out of our home province to Pakistan and I was enrolled into an all Afghan school, I was at first confused. The “Awghu”, was my classmate, another human being like me. Human-centred stories told by the people they are about and translated into multiple languages is our attempt to bridge the empathy gap between us. 

With your support we have fostered a unique and vital voice in the global conversation about Afghanistan and for this we are deeply grateful. As we embark on a new year, we are calling on you, our audience, subscribers, and donors to continue to support us so we can continue to amplify the humanity that is well and truly alive in Afghanistan. 

We invite you to donate to our end of year fundraising campaign and to consider joining us as a monthly donor. We would also appreciate you sharing this campaign with your networks and encouraging your friends and family to like and subscribe to our content.

Together we can continue to keep a much needed window of information into Afghanistan open at a pressing time.


Mohammad (JD) Jawad Alizada
Managing Editor, Alive-in/Afghanistan