About Alive-in

Alive-in/ is a movement of grassroots journalists aiming to change the way people in developing and disadvantaged nations are seen. We do this by building the skills of local journalists and providing stipends to uncover inspiring and intriguing stories of people typically unseen in the media.

Alive-in/ was relaunched at the end of 2021 to support local journalists still working in Afghanistan.

Alive in seeks to counterbalance  “Live from” reporting by building the capacity of local people to tell their stories to the world themselves, in an accurate and effective manner. Despite the age of social media, most stories of international importance are still told by outsiders to the community who arrive for brief periods extract and package what they believe are the important elements of the story, and eventually publish and move on.

The concept for "Alive in" began in 2005 with the groundbreaking Alive in Baghdad project that offered the international community a unique and personal look into the lives of Iraqis, produced by Iraqis themselves. After a number of iterations, the Alive in concept took a hiatus. Now, with the launch of Alive in Afghanistan, we are looking to reinvigorate this work, that is still much needed.

Alive-in and Alive-in/Afghanistan are projects of Fasila.

Fasila combines a full service content production team and a network of trainers with decades of experience teaching the elements of story. Telling stories is intrinsic to everything humanity does. At Fasila we believe the capacity to tell a good story is a precursor to social change. But we know many people aren’t certain how to tell stories that are effective at achieving their goals. Whether you are looking for someone to teach you or your team how to tell stories, or have a story that just needs the right touch to be brought to life, let Fasila show you how.