About Alive-in

Alive-in/ is an award-winning movement of grassroots journalists working to change the way people in developing and conflict-affected places are seen through human-centred, public-interest journalism. 

Based on a model first launched in Iraq in 2005, Alive-in/’s successful proof of concept trains, seeds and supports local journalists to produce under-covered stories on issues of local and global interest. 

Launched as a response to the “live from” approach to reporting, Alive-in/ fills a critical role largely unoccupied in the emerging media sphere:

  • Despite social media, most stories in the areas where we operate continue to be told by outsiders who arrive for brief periods to extract information, publish and move on. The 24-hour breaking news model exported to developing and disadvantaged nations often exacerbates divisions along ethnic, economic, and linguistic lines. 
  • By building the skills of local journalists through on-the-job training, field building and stipends to uncover inspiring and intriguing stories of people typically unseen in the media, Alive-in/ seeks to increase understanding within and across groups nationally, regionally and globally. Through this work, Alive-in/ seeks to build the capacity of local people to tell their stories to the world themselves, accurately and effectively. 

Alive-in/ is an initiative of social enterprise Fasila with fiscal sponsorship from Far-Away Projects, a 501(c)3 organization based in California.