Adhamiya Residents Describe Katyusha Attack

Adhamiya Residents Describe Katyusha Attack

Produced by Isam Rasheed

BAGHDAD–The Coalition forces have recently named the Adhamiya district as one of four major hotspots in Baghdad, which they will be attempting to calm with an injection of forces. Unfortunately Adhamiya is not just a source of violence in Baghdad, but exists within the complex nature of the conflict in Baghdad, and must be viewed in this fashion.

In our tenth "episode" Isam Rasheed takes us to the home of a family who's house was struck by a Katyusha rocket last month-the video was shot shortly after the attack. Katyushas are the same rockets that have gained infamy in the hands of Hezbollah, and are a known piece of the Mahdi Army's arsenal.

Given this fact, it is difficult to understand why Shi'a militias appear to be such a low priority in the newest operation to "retake Baghdad."

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